Future Members

We have multiple opennings for new Ph.D. students, Postdocs, Master students and undergraduate students to join our Group. Our group is well funded.

A letter to future members:

Pursuing a degree or solving scientific problems may require years of commitment. Thus, I truly believe that building a great working culture is the most important thing in our group, definitely more important than publications themselves. In fact, one of the secret sauces for Google’s decade-long success is its culture.

At InspiringGroup, we strive to build a unique working culture that is:

  • Friendly: treating every member with mutual respects is the minimal requirement. At InspiringGroup, we, including myself, are all friends.

  • Supportive: we are here to help and support each other. As a team, we will go through all ups and downs during the process.

  • Flourishing: ultimately, I hope every group member will be flourishing, becoming not only academically successful, but also more mature and well-prepared as a person.

If you are willing to explore new things and work with a group of compassionate people (or you just want to learn how to apply for Top Universities and Companies abroad), feel free to shoot [me] an email.

A second letter to applicants:

Due to the limitation of quotas on degree-earning Ph.D./master students, I cannot include each of the outstanding applicants as my graduate students here at Tsinghua. Yet, I maintain mutliple research groups with both Tsinghua and non-Tsinghua students on each of the topics I listed here. If you want to join these groups, also shoot [me] an email to explicitly state your interests.

To Post-Doc Applicants:

Our group has unlimitted quotas for Post-Docs. Besides all the benefits provided by Tsinghua, our group will provide an additional 200,000 to 300,000 RMB annual compenstation to outstanding applicants. Feel free to send [me] an email for subsequent discussions.